We were involved with the design and technology overhaul within a flagship Marks and Spencer store. As part of their store renewal plan ‘Forging a Reshaped M&S’ for 2021; future proofing the physical store through a key focus on utilizing digital technologies.

Drone Flythrough of M&S Sears Solihull store

As part of their many facilities within the space, among some of the Digital Signage equipment that was installed as part of the tech revamp at M&S were two, 6×2 Video Walls that we installed on the first floor, behind the payment counters, within the clothing section to make a massive and stunning customer experience – Which not only promote the brand and advertise products they are also proven to reduce perceived wait times.

“We’re relentlessly focussed on protecting the magic of our delicious, great quality M&S Food at fantastic value whilst at the same time modernising how we bring these products to our customers – and that’s what our Store Renewal programme is all about. We’ve seen our renewal store concepts deliver a bigger, better and fresher experience for customers across Food and we’re excited to expand the programme further this year. With hospitality being a key part of the M&S shopping experience for many of our customers, by testing our café renewal format in Solihull, we hope to cement our reputation as a great destination for families.”

Stuart Machin, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of M&S Food

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Other technologies on-site include single screen poster screens located frequently in key areas to influence a purchase from customers as well as to add to the digital, environment preventing the space from feeling static and dated.

Self-order touchscreen kiosks are also present in the M&S Café to improve the customers order experience and reducing queue sizes.

Additionally, high-end Digital Menu Boards were deployed on-site to create a more immersive and modern Quick Service food counter where priced can be updated from Head Office and synchronised to times for Breakfast, Lunch and Evening menus, prices and promotions.

David Maister, in “The Psychology of Waiting Lines,” says “Occupied time feels shorter than unoccupied time.” Retailers are employing this logic using digital signage to draw attention away from the wait itself and minimize boredom, offering a more professional treatment for customers. By strategically placing digital signage around hotspots where dwell times are longest, relevant messaging can be displayed to entertain, inform and advertise to customers.

Digital signage is also proven to lead to a 31.8% increase in overall sales and generates an increase of 32.8% of repeat buyers.