From closed casino to trendy tech-equipped workplace.

ProcomAV were asked to consult, design and support the integration of Collaborative Environments, that support Hybrid Working within a new renovation of a former Casino located within the new Leeds Dock area of the city. The re-purpose intended to change the venue into a cool shared office space, while retaining some of the essence of the Casino.

Following consultation meetings around the design and user experience, ProcomAV were able to propose a Technology solution that gave the Hybrid wireless functionality of bring your own meeting using the Logitech Rally Bar system within the meeting spaces. Additionally integrated was a bespoke 4-zone background audio system to create mood and atmosphere, which could also be used by external DJ’s, for company events and functions.

ProcomAV also looks after the long term assets by providing a dedicated and bespoke support package, which includes user adoption and training which helps owners get the best return on investment for these assets, maximising their value…

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