Conference Facilities

  • Lecterns with Gooseneck / Lapel Mics / Comfort monitors
  • Electric Drop down Screens
  • Laser Projection
  • Induction Loops
  • Sound Systems
  • Participant Voting systems

Restaurants & Bars

  • Zoned Audio systems
  • Live Music
  • Bar Displays


  • Video Conferencing
  • Collaboration systems
  • Audio
  • Cameras for presenters and audience
  • Interactive Large-Format Display
  • Meeting Room Booking

Open Plan / Hybrid Working

  • Real Time Data displays
  • Sound Masking
  • Wireless Mics Roaming / Speech – Town Hall.
  • Mobile Lectern
  • Desk Booking
  • Games Room / Theatre / Gym – Video Walls   


  • Digital Welcome Messaging
  • Video Walls
  • Background Audio
  • Paging Mics
  • Secure Sign-in Systems
  • Dramatic LED – With bespoke content

Office Furniture

Advantages of buying Room Furniture and Technology together through Procom Av.

  • Full Cooperation between critical room furniture and Technology always leads to best outcomes for users.
  • Perfect Camera placing and seating visibility for delegates due to single design.
  • End users get better Sound experiences because critical Audio becomes integrated into the furniture.
  • Better Aesthetics – Cable management can be hidden within Table voids
  • Credenza’s can be bespoke designed to house the critical room control equipment.
  • Projects have less issues when a single project manager controls workflow and delivery time-tables .
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