Our efforts helped develop the new, award winning, Swissport Aspire Lounge in Edinburgh Airport. Working alongside interior designers and Swissport we assisted with the Audio integration of the Lounge helping develop a relaxing and ambient environment.

Within the classy yet modest space, a key requirement for Swissport was not only the style of the lounge but also that it served it’s fundamental purpose. To entertain, help relax and also provide information. Utilizing Audio and Visual systems this allowed guests to be informed and updated with their travel information while relaxing in a space, without the technology being intrusive.

Distributing soothing audio at an even decibel to each seat within the space helps maintain the informative nature of the space through innkeeping ceiling speakers that don’t stand out within the environment, but actually help it become a better experience.

This is proven by it being receiving the:
Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Award 2020 – This award is based on Edinburgh Aspire Lounge customers’ Tripadvisor reviews and means it is in the top 10% of worldwide attractions on Tripadvisor.

“We’ve compiled our many years worth of customer feedback and airport lounge experience and knowledge and poured it into designing a lounge which considers all our guests’ needs, from the lounge’s atmospheric ambient lighting to seating styles and plans.”