We were involved with the design and technology integration of Bonded Warehouse; a unique workspace in the heart of Manchester with a key focus on employee wellbeing.

As part of their many facilities within the space, one of which was the requirement for a large, casual presentation zone. Which we developed and is actually mounted onto one of the original metal columns from it’s industrial past.

The system itself is comprised of a 4.4m x 2.25m ‘floating’ LED Video Wall, directly mounted onto one of the original metal supports of the building. The display was also connected to high quality audio for presentation content sharing and voice reinforcement of the presenter.

Front View: Large ‘floating’ LED Screen
Side View: Large ‘floating’ LED Screen

Additionally another user-space that required technological advancement was the meeting rooms, which we provided state-of-the-art Microsoft Teams Rooms video conferencing systems too that all are linked and managed on the same network. Microsoft Teams enables any user to come in and use the space and every system operate the same way giving a seamless user experience so meetings don’t get delayed by technology falling over.

One of Several Meeting Rooms with a Microsoft Teams Room Video Conferencing System