Front View: Waterfall Entrance

The managing agents of No.1 Spinningfields wanted a way of creating theatre and atmosphere in an otherwise modern yet sterile environment for users of this iconic location.

Front View: Passive Faux-Wood Content
Side View: Passive Faux-Wood Content

When asked to design and create a feature wall within the Lobby of No.1 Spinningfields, with the intention to give visitors and regular users a feeling of connection and a chance to stop and think for a moment as they passed through the space.

The first step was to take several high resolution images of the Lobby in its current state and then create a digital mock-up of the technology, to give a better idea of the proposal. from wildlife and nature onto the space to give the management team a chance to see what could be achieved.

Lobby Entrance – Before
Lobby Entrance – Proposed Design

The reaction from the Management Team was instant and soon everyone involved within the project became aware of the vision, that we created in collaboration with the client.

One of the biggest challenges was the desire to have a wall of LED tiles which did not conform to any usual format of size that would allow standard Video content to be displayed. The wall in effect was made up of 2 Screens stitched together with an overall resolution of well over 4k and spanned two sides and a walkway which we called the bridge.

We then chose a supplier manufacturer who could assist with the vision and would not be put off by the non-standard aspect of what the client was hoping to achieve. We also used a specialist content partner to deliver the very bespoke content that would match this unique canvas. All content was tested at our Office / Showroom to see how it would play out in reality and to iron out any of the issues before it was taken to site. This testing process was extensive and took several months of problem solving until our Technical engineers were happy with the stability and quality of how the bespoke content could be delivered.

Software was developed along the way to ensure synchronisation of the 2 separate screens and to make sure all Video content played out seamlessly and when required. Over 10 project meetings were arranged to ensure every aspect of the project and every contributor was aligned with what was required and what issues needed to be overcome and this collaboration was coordinated by the dedication of our Technical supervisor.


The whole project took around 18 months from feasibility in September to reveal in December, just before Christmas to give users an atmosphere and environment of excitement. Both the client and the users have greeted the end result with amazement and enthusiasm.