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ProCom Audio Visual has been at the forefront of innovation for over 35 years. Providing bespoke services to both public and private sectors.

ProCom AV for complete Integrated Solutions

Award-Winning Provider of AV Solutions & Digital Signage across many verticles including Corporate, Government, MOD, Education, Leisure, and Retail.

Video Walls

Video walls provide a eye-catching and dynamic ways to deliver your message and keep communication flowing. Ultra high image quality ensures your video with secure operation. ProCom AV has been supplying, installing and maintaining video walls for clients across the UK for over 10 years. We create solutions for virtually any shape and size, to display fantastic imagery, video, and sound ; for both unique, innovative video walls or more cost-effective options.

Projection Systems

From classroom to boardroom, projectors are an essential tool, however there are many aspects that need to be considered when installing or upgrading a system, from brightness and distance to contrast and resolution. The ProCom AV team are experts in designing and installing the best solution to meet your needs. We offer a comprehensive range of integrated HD systems to suit almost every budget and need.

Interactive and Touch, tactile technology

Interactive touchscreen displays provide excellent opportunities for your customers to really engage with your content, with huge benefits to the end user, enhancing the quality, performance, aesthetics, communication and learning outcomes, especially for education, health, government, and business organisations.

Audio Systems

Good audio is important for any space: if colleagues, students, visitors, and meeting participants can’t hear what’s going on it doesn’t matter how good the visuals are, the message is lost. ProCom AV design and install audio systems for many settings, from university and college lecture theatres, classrooms, corporate spaces and more, from PA and speaker setups to sound reinforcement and rack mounted systems.


Teaching spaces and corporate environments have realised the value of effective collaboration which greatly improves communication, the sharing of ideas and developing real skills. People expect to securely connect and work no matter where they are in the world on whatever device. Collaborative solutions combine displays, interactive touch technology, cameras, microphones and speakers to ensure effective communication, sharing, participation, and learning outcomes.

Video Conferencing

The financial benefits of a video conferencing solution have long been recognised by businesses: meetings can be scheduled quickly no matter where participants are located, with colleagues and clients building up better relationships not possible by phone, email, or chat platforms. Education too enhances interaction and learning outcomes and is especially useful for distance learners and educators. The medical profession too uses VC for teaching, guiding, and diagnosis.

Control systems

From simple touch-button systems to control blinds and lighting and audio in classrooms, to extensive personalised offerings for multi-room situations, more and more technology is being used in corporate, learning and entertaining spaces... but it all needs to run well. Fully networked systems across sites allow users to manage resources and gain a better understanding of how and when rooms are being used. In addition, remote troubleshooting will save time and money.

Digital Signage

Reach more people than ever before and quickly and create a lasting impression with Digital Signage! Encourage emotional purchases, inform and alert customers, up-sell additional services and products, advertise with graphics or video. Whether you need a simple one-screen system streaming corporate or local information or you’re looking for large multi-site, multi-screen solution to work across your public spaces.

Large Format LED

Eye catching displays using large format LED screens deliver HD and Ultra HD content in astonishing clarity. Create a real wow-factor in retail environments. Deliver your message clearly and effectively in business or learning spaces. Relay events outdoors to large crowds. We have the experience to install almost any set-up so you can reach more people.

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Award-Winning Provider of Audio Visual and Digital Signage Solutions Across the UK

Our Elite Reseller status for all manufacturers on our portfolio means that we can confidently offer warranty support and specialised technical knowledge for every state-of-the-art product we install. This combined with our ingrained commitment to excellent customer service and life-long after sales care means we provide a complete AV integration package delivering cutting-edge installations.

Continuing to deliver an efficient and premium service to every customer, we have recently streamlined our internal structure, merging the operations and account management departments to create a solution-focused team on hand to assist with any customer queries.

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A special focus on the education sector

We are well equipped to cover a variety of projects nationwide,. and are particularly strong at producing dynamic audiovisual and digital signage installations for learning establishments, having worked with a number of well-established clients in the education sector previously and being a BECTA approved Framework Supplier.

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From education and corporate to retail and digital signage, ProCom AV cover a broad range of verticals nationwide, adopting a partnership approach with both clients and manufacturers to ensure that every installation is tailored to the individual needs of each project.

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